This course was developed by MCRGO specifically to meet the requirements to obtain your Michigan Concealed Pistol License (CPL). Students will be taught basic firearms safety, marksmanship, and legal and ethical considerations for concealed carry. 

The course includes a one-year membership to MCRGO and access to the "Ask the Lawyer" feature of the MCRGO website.  

Stop the Bleed

Minutes count! Someone who is severely bleeding can bleed to death in as little as 5 minutes. That’s why bleeding control—keeping the blood inside the body—is the purpose of STOP THE BLEED® training. 

Through this STOP THE BLEED® course, you’ll gain the ability to recognize life-threatening bleeding and intervene effectively. Take the course and become empowered to make a life or death difference when a bleeding emergency occurs. STOP THE BLEED®. Save a Life!

NRA BASic Courses

Three courses offered:

These are THE introductory course to take to learn the knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary to safely use a rifle, shotgun, or pistol for target shooting. 

Topics covered include firearm safety, nomenclature, the basic functions of the firearm, shooting fundamentals, and firearm care and maintenance. 

Holster Clinic

This Everyman LLC training course is a deep dive into holster selection, improving concealment, and developing an efficient draw stroke. 

Beyond your CPL

This Everyman LLC training course covers the next steps in your journey. You've bought your gun and received your license, now what? 

This class will build upon the knowledge gained in your CPL class and incorporate more hands-on dry practice, live fire drills, and decision-making exercises.